Issue #1 Contributors

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Josh Aaron Miller

Issue #1
Game: Descent Into Madness
Trade: Games Researcher

Josh is a PhD candidate studying game-user interaction and transformational games at Northeastern University. His research focuses on combining industry best practices with academic theories of learning and motivation to make good tutorials for educational games and citizen science games. When he’s not studying games, he’s playing them and making them. Follow him on Twitter @joshaaronmiller

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David Chihlas

Issue #1
Game: Absolute Unit
Trade: Composer/Sound Designer

Keyboardist currently studying arranging and production at Berklee College of Music with an emphasis in video game scoring. Enjoy all kinds of music and have experience writing and recording for both acoustic and electronic instruments!


Brian Soulliard

Issue # 1
Game: The Ultimate Celebration
Trade: Software Engineer

I’m Brian Soulliard, and I make games. I hope you enjoy them!

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Brandon Sichling

Issue #1
Game: Beauty of Poppies
Trade: Director

Brandon is a filmmaker, game designer, and writer working out of Boston. Their work focuses on marginalization, performance, and giant robots.


Brandon Hanabarger

Issue #1
Game: The Manse on Soracca
Trade: Game theory and design

Indie dev, idea addict, and taco fiend. Working toward running my own indie studio.



Issue #1
Game: Baking with Lizzie
Trade: Storyteller

Three words that one might use to describe Adri are “generic”, “geek” and “girl”. Sometimes all at once.