Issue #6 Contributors

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Kaya Hiroya (カヤヒロヤ)

Issue #6
Comic: Memories and Records
Trade: Illustrator and graphic designer

Kaya is a Tokyo-based independent professional illustrator and graphic designer. Kaya Hiroya and Takahashi Yuki make up the collaborative design group conico, a label under which they release various works including comics and illustration. Through their illustrations, Kaya tries to express the dreamlike occurrences and vague memories from childhood. Recently, Kaya released the small art zines/collections “Yuurei” and “No Data” and participated in TCAF 2019 with the Popotame group. Since then, in late 2019 conico released the “Now Loading” art book(s) featuring paired work by both Kaya and Takahashi. Most recently, Kaya created the OP illustrations for RCC TV’s “Koi-Home” drama series.About the work “Memories and Records”: “Selling software, erasing data; there are often no records left of the games I had when I was a child. However, I always remember them. I tried to express the pangs of recollection and feelings of nostalgia I experience whenever I play them.”


Kaelyn Mauve

Issue #6
Game: A Conscious Decision, {Cell}
Trade: Gamer turned hobby developer

Jack of several trades but master of none (cos there’s never an end to learning, is there? 🙃) I dabble in many random hobbies from writing to doodling and composing music, so I decided why not combine all these to make my own games! I love experimenting with new engines/cool mechanics and incorporating twists/hidden messages within my games heheh. I put lots of effort into each of my creations, so I really hope you enjoy them! Happy playing~ p.s. I also draw my own telegram stickers. The orange disguised in apple cosplay over here is one of them – I call him Appel.

itch, Telegram Stickers 1, 2

Glen Henry

Issue #6
Game: Grimm & Tonic
Trade: Programming & Illustration

Glen is an independent game developer, illustrator and podcaster. He has a penchant for narrative games and is the loudest member of the Jamaica Game Developer Society.

Jamaica Game Dev Society, Site


Issue #6
Game: Super Ledgehop: Double Laser
Trade: Programming

ChairGTables is a competitive fighting game player with a strong passion to create the greatest bootleg meme games in the world. Collects bootleg and shovelware games with a strong intention of speedrunning and studying their flawed game design. This very loud developer has hosted multiple fighting game tournaments and speedrun events with the master plan of advertising silly indie games on the event livestreams during down times.

Site, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch

Anthony G Smith IV

Issue #6
Game: Vagrant.exe
Trade: Level Design, Programmer

B.A. Game Art and Animation: Looking to make video games with like-minded people that enjoy the medium as well.