Issue #18 Contributors

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Issue #18
Espectro City page design
Trade: Art

Art director for Dog Folder



Issue #18
Game: Espectro City
Trade: Programmer/Artist

Dog Folder Founder



Issue #18
Game: Espectro City
Trade: Programmer

Hello! My name is Jorge, more commonly known online as Makhor, and I make games, sometimes… I’m a Systems Engineering student, and I post dumb stuff on my Twitter (with the occasional game dev related post). Check it out!

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Kate Smith

Issue #18
Game: I WAS HERE & Museum of Memories
Trade: Game Developer

Game designer, developer, writer, and professor. I specialize in programming and storytelling through many different media from games to film to novels. Outside of games, my interests include creative writing, playing the guitar, amateur bird photography, and collecting medieval weaponry.

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Chonkers HQ

Issue #18
Game: Homerun Miko
Trade: Indie Game Development Team

A team of 10 undergraduate students and alumni from the University of California, Santa Cruz! Est. 2020

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cecil choi

Issue #18
Game: hymn
Trade: musician, writer, game dev

(they/he/mx) game design and electronic music student at UCSC. enjoys making whatever they want.