Issue #40 Contributors

Wandering Artist

Issue #40
Game: MaPS S1E1
Trade: Composer/Musician

I’m an italian pianist, composer and deer from Italy. When I was little I remember making soundtracks for imaginary games that I’ve never made. Now I’m starting to make the games too.

bandcamp, itch, twitter


Issue #40
Game: a most important night
Trade: musician

I like music and the internet and creating weird little games.



Issue #40
Game: Adrift: Going Nowhere & Wish Corp
Trade: Art, Writing & Animation

Artisan trash maker, vomiting eyeball-melting pixelized brain goop into the gamesphere for general consumption by the public, bottling each and every slime riddled project with carbonated woe.

itch, instagram, giphy, twitter

Naej Doree

Issue #40
Game: Dice duel
Trade: Artist, mostly game developer

I’m a trans girl that loves art and wants to make some, hopefully not too bad at it.

itch, twitter, site


Issue #40
Trade: Contemporary Artsy gal, and game dev

Just a gal making games and embarrassing herself in public (Aka, known as performance, lol)


Konstantin Fedorov

Issue #40
Game: Compendium
Trade: Software engineer / Artist

C/C++/JS software engineer. Creating games using 3D and 2D tools, digital and hand-drawn art, manual and procedurally generated content.


Beth Jackson and Angelique Drummond

Issue #40
Game: Shopkeeper Showdown
Trade: Customer Service, Suppor

We’re two gals who are partners in life and game design! We typically make encouraging, silly, games that encourage self-discovery, empowerment, and accomplishments! We’re also supportive creators who love to play games for “research” and see others succeed and thrive as well 🥳

Beth, Angelique