Issue #7 Contributors

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Issue #7
Game: [mo͡ʊɹn]
Trade: language research & activism

nurbrun is a certified all organic, free-range, locally-grown human being. they have the normal amount of teeth, hands, and gallbladders.


nilson carroll

Issue #7
Game: flaming/million
Trade: Experimental Games

Nilson Carroll (he/him) is an MFA candidate at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY. A barista-ROM hacker, Nilson explores 16mm expanded cinema, video projection performance, and makes queer video game installations. He is a champion of anti-fascist, feminist, pro-affection games and art. In 2019, he co-founded the DIY queer art games collective swampbabes.



Issue #7
Game: Donut Maker!
Trade: illustration

Jill-of-all-trades, master of none. Knitter, sewist, graphic design student and amateur game dev.


Mario ‘MarioKness’ Torrisi

Issue #7
Game: Super Epic Random Bard Guy
Trade: Programming

As a child I was always fascinated by videogames and programming in general. UGC games were my favorite, loved the idea of making and sharing content with others. As of 2020 I’m studying to become a programmer.


Jon Topielski

Issue #7
Game: A Midclubber Night’s Dream
Trade: Programming, Design

Jon is a game jam enthusiast who drinks too much coffee for his own good.

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Issue #7
Game: Legend of the Nine Rings
Trade: Creative Design

Hey all! I’m an indie game developer who’s kinda new on the scene, but who has been studying game design in various capacities for a few years. One of my first self-published games, “Legend of the Nine Rings” (a Zelda-esque metroidvania platformer), was included in Indiepocalypse #7 & I’m super excited to be an Indiepocalypse contributor. I have a couple cool projects in the works right now (including a custom physics engine for PixelBox), so stay tuned!