Issue #34 Contributors

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Stanley W. Baxton

Issue #34
Game: Quinn & Flynn
Trade: Writer & Narrative Designer

You might also know me as Stanwixbuster. My brain screams at me when I’m not writing and I channel my need into little narrative-heavy HTML games. Whatever that stream creates is between google docs and God. I wanted people to take me seriously and am now trying to reconcile with the fact people take me seriously.

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Ryan Lee

Issue #34
Game: Factory Hiro
Trade: profesional video games

belbeeno most places, Ryan likes video games, likes making them, and maybe likes you?

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Issue #34
Game: The Yoyo of Zonk
Trade: Jack of all trades, master of none

Jack of all trades, master of none


Jessica Le

Issue #34
Game: the only other sound’s the sweep
Trade: writer / artist

jessica le lives in toronto, canada

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Gwen Clark

Issue #34
Trade: Analog Designer, Sharks Enjoyer

GWEN CLARK aka gwencie makes tabletop games about intense emotions, clashing contrasts, the unflinching brilliant light of the human condition, and also sicknasty anime action. if you enjoy at least two of those things you might like what she does looking for work btw lets collab

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