Issue #43 Contributors

Gabriel Helfenstein

Issue #43
Trade: Game artist

Artist working with game engines. Part of the collective Fantasia Malware.



Issue #43
Game: Calm, see me
Trade: being together, involving people in weird projects

fintopiccante /🔊 ˈfintopikˈkante/
italian for: faux-spicy

A growing group of people who are experimenting with images, stories, digital and physical games.

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Dylhan aka Zhanko

Issue #43
Game: Perpetual Foreigner; Letter to my grandmother; What if I’m the train
Trade: Game Design/Wannabe Jack of All Trades

I like to create games inspired by personal stories and experiment on the different sides of game design, especially on how to make them all complementary to create a coherent universe and game. In the future, I would like to be able take on bigger projects in solo without crunching and take on an even more experimental approach to it. I believe that video games are political even more nowadays, so my creations are political and always convey a message sometimes even involuntarily. Video games are a craft !

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Almanak Games

Issue #43
Game: Witch Tea? and Bucket List of a Ghost
Trade: Writing & Music (Mandy), 3D Environment Art (Alex), QA (Luke)

A trio of gamers decided to do a game jam one day, and it all spiralled out of control from there. Thus, Almanak Games was born. Our games are bite-sized and mostly story-driven – but we make whatever we feel like, really.