Issue #51 Contributors

Olivier Bouchard

Issue #51
Game: Whispers
Trade: Game design and programming

I’ve been developing game solo for a while and like to collaborate here and there with cool people.


Nice Gear Games

Issue #51
Game: i miss the sea of japan / 恋しい日本海
Trade: Hobbyist

We are a Japan-based indie game development team made up of Daikon (JP) and Renkon (EN). We also talk about Japanese indie games on our blog and zine, Indie Tsushin. Let’s play!

site, Indie Tsushin, itch


Issue #51
Game: Deepwell
Trade: game developer

youtube, itch

Jules Ampere

Issue #51
Game: Pareidolia: Evil Eye
Trade: Writing, reading and translating TTRPGs

If I’m not drowning myself in books, drawing doodles, diving into endless rants about how I would design my own video game or re acting scenes from various media in my room at 3 AM, I am making TTRPGs. And I love it!


Elisabeth Astwood

Issue #51
Game: Whispers
Trade: Producer, Designer, Writer

I am a transmedia producer, designer, and writer focused on nurturing an equitable world through story. With a background in DEI across games, theatre, film, literature, and visual art, I’m interested in cross-industry knowledge sharing and researching our moral responsibility as cultural creators.

twitter, itch, site


Issue #51
Game: While True It Is Insufficient/Chaos Dancing
Trade: Programmer by day, creator by night

Writer/artist/programmer/wannabe-composer who makes various things fantastical and philosophical, physical and digital, usually connected, however loosely or obscurely, with a giant passion project called Of Evernost.