Issue #26 Contributors

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Issue #26
Game: Manglepaw
Trade: gamedevs/multimedia artists

We are a married gamedev duo consisting of Resni & j a r s. We make queer furry trashy artsy things… like us! OwO

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Issue #26
Game: PUQFFAL!!!
Trade: Making and playing games [+..••]

Hi hi!! I like creating cute, comedic, dark, and most of all, meaningful games that bring light to some contemporary issues about relationships and society.

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John D. Moore

Issue #26
Game: Explobers
Trade: Game Developer

When not trying to make other things, study Gundam, watch birds, or pet his cats, John enjoys making games.

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Issue #26
Game: Decay
Trade: Writing and game development

I run my own site, Indie Hell Zone, and work on kitschy RPG Maker games about miserable people. I have a journalism degree and a bunch of games yet I’m not particular successful with either. Give me power.

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