Issue #17 Contributors

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Xuan Nguyen

Issue #17
Trade: Writing

xuan nguyen is a trans+disabled mad poetic game dev who illustrates, designs, and orchestrates music for queer narrative games. working on OCHITSUBAKI (demo on steam) and LIAR, LIONESS 1&2, with LL1 remaster out now

site, itch, bandcamp

Maciek “Rondaar” Sozanski

Issue #17
Game: Lil Flutie 3D
Trade: Game Developer, Designer

Unity developer at work, designer after hours. I love music, films, games, art in general that is not easily forgettable, even when it’s not perfect. That’s my ultimate goal when I create stuff of my own. On the day to day basis, I struggle with finishing the things that I’ve started. But it’s hard, you know :^O


Lucy Haslam

Issue #17
Game: Cover
Trade: Illustrator

Lucy Haslam is an illustrator based in Bristol, UK, who specialises in editorial illustration and narrative comics. She likes to sit back and let the textures do all the heavy lifting in her work.


Juliusz Krupiński

Issue #17
Game: Lil Flutie 3D
Trade: Level Designer

Just a normal student 😉


G.C. Baccaris

Issue #17
Game: Habeas Corpus
Trade: Writer, Developer

G.C. Baccaris is a game developer and freelance writer who is influenced by the uncanny and macabre. Currently working on RESURRECTION GATE, an interactive novella about loss, liches, and what lingers at the edge of existence, The Twine Grimoire, a series of tutorials on using CSS and HTML in Twine®, and other projects.

site, itch, twitter


Issue #17
Game: Rorschach
Trade: Student / Hobbyist Programmer

I make good things sometimes

site, itch


Issue #17
Game: Our Jubilee
Trade: Developer

An indie developer from Australia, making radical left-wing games since 2015.

itch, twitter