Issue #42 Contributors


Issue #42
Game: Young Street
Trade: Zzzzz

ㄥ丨千乇 ㄒ:)))



Issue #42
Game: The Vaults of Minos
Trade: Pothead 😉

ThunderPerfectWitchcraft is a developer-duo. We do what we want, and we strife to make it good. Until now we released games, images, videos, texts, and music. We think that every human activity is art.

I’m always on the search for cool, noncommercial and unknown games and review them on my blog.

site, Underground Game Reviews, Underground Game Manifesto

Ondřej Trhoň

Issue #42
Game: My Pandemic Table
Trade: Nothing and a bit of everything, maybe writing

Writing, making and researching games on the verge of fine arts and critical theory. Anxious about all kinds of futures and terminally in love with Dark Souls 2.


Kristi Jimenez

Issue #42
Game: A Late Night Convo
Trade: Writing

Kristi is an asexual Puerto Rican writer that loves making people feel things when playing her games.

twitter, itch, carrd

Caterina Gerbasi

Issue #42
Issue Cover
Trade: illustration

Caterina is a graduate of the Florence Academy of Arts, lover of fantasy but secretly wish she was a sports illustrator from the 70s. currently living in Argentina with her wife and a cat called Nube.


Blueberry Soft

Issue #42
Game: Give Me Up
Trade: Cleaner

I aim to make as few games as possible.

site, mastodon

Augustinas Raginskis

Issue #42
Game: Dream Mechanic
Trade: Illustrator, concept artist

I’ve been drawing and making things for most of my life and now those things I make tend to be games. I need to put all these goofy ideas I have somewhere after all.


Andi Santagata

Issue #42
Game: Slasher U! Act 1 of 3
Trade: Cartoonist

Andi is a trans dude cartoonist who makes bestselling YA comics about angsty teens. Professor Plutonium is a horny bisexual nuclear robot programmed to make sexy systems-heavy dating sims that punch you in the face. They have never been seen in the same room together?? Weird??

personal site, Slasher U site, itch


Issue #42
Game: Mycorrhizal
Trade: Artist

I’m a newer game developer just learning what I can and sharing what I create!