Issue #53 Contributors


Issue #53
Game: Someone to Hold Me
Trade: Writer

Brazilian indie dev making queer experimental games. I like mixing cuteness with horror to create unique experiences.

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Issue #53
Game: good morning!
Trade: game dev

i like making minigames

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Issue #53
Game: The Tomb of Azathoth
Trade: Character Design & World Design

Ive had too many ideas for games and stories since I was a kid. I primarily consider myself a writer and artist who uses tools like RPG Maker as a vessel for my likely unmarketable ideas.
I’m known for Greyscale Mirror World Anomaly, Tomb of Azathoth, Endless Nameless, and Artificial Immortality (As of writing this ^^;)

twitter, itch

Ayu Koyama

Issue #53
Game: Eider Cake
Trade: Graphic design

Ayu is a graphic designer by day and everything else at night. She likes films and owns a machine that can play them.


Anna Krasner

Issue #53
Game: This is Normal
Trade: Game Programmer

A game developer specializing in Unity, artist and local activist. Trying to make cool things and be helpful wherever possible.