Issue #48 Contributors


Issue #48
Game: Structural Integrity | Cycle
Trade: Writer

Tabitha writes both interactive and traditional queer fiction, specializing in stories focused on relationships (romantic and platonic). Eir other loves include animals, architecture, abandoned places, alliteration, long walks, and long sentences.

bluesky, itch


Issue #48
Game: No Time For Mercy
Trade: Writing/Art/RPGMaker Devving

AwesomeTrinket is an indie developer who primarily creates visual novels made in RPGMaker. She writes stories about love, grief and horror; all three of these are equally showcased in her Indiepocalypse #48 entry, No Time For Mercy. As of January 6th, 2024, Trinket has produced four games and has at least four more planned.

itch, tumblr, twitter, bluesky

MyDogStoleMyLiver (Devin Spector)

Issue #48
Game: <(BookClub!)> and “A zine for aliens”
Trade: Jack of all trades (Master of none)

Hi, my name is Devin Spector. You’re probably wondering how I got here? I do amateur game design, digital art, music and some graphic design on the side. (With a twinge of esoteric bullshit)

Games and zines, Musiqe

Karolis Dikčius

Issue #48
Game: R00000
Trade: Programmer

I made R00000 with Povilas and Ignas under the Weekend Warriors collective name. I like spooky atmospheric games.

twitter, youtube, itch