Issue #48 Contributors


Issue #48
Game: No Time For Mercy
Trade: Writing/Art/RPGMaker Devving

AwesomeTrinket is an indie developer who primarily creates visual novels made in RPGMaker. She writes stories about love, grief and horror; all three of these are equally showcased in her Indiepocalypse #48 entry, No Time For Mercy. As of January 6th, 2024, Trinket has produced four games and has at least four more planned.

itch, tumblr, twitter, bluesky

MyDogStoleMyLiver (Devin Spector)

Issue #48
Game: <(BookClub!)> and “A zine for aliens”
Trade: Jack of all trades (Master of none)

Hi, my name is Devin Spector. You’re probably wondering how I got here? I do amateur game design, digital art, music and some graphic design on the side. (With a twinge of esoteric bullshit)

Games and zines, Musiqe

Karolis Dikčius

Issue #48
Game: R00000
Trade: Programmer

I made R00000 with Povilas and Ignas under the Weekend Warriors collective name. I like spooky atmospheric games.

twitter, youtube, itch