Issue #29 Contributors

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Xaris Lynn

Issue #29
Game: Twilight Web
Trade: 2D Vis-Dev

Co-creator for Vulture Party! He/They pronouns, and I like drawing weird stuff for folks.

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Issue #29
Game: Professor Quackerton in: The Locked Birdhouse
Trade: multi-disciplinary mess maker

I make work that is clown and queer across many artistic mediums. Whether it be games, comics, writing, animation, or theatre, my work stretches the world into something more caring, more queer, more curious, and more playful.


Rainbow Cemetery

Issue #29
Game: Twilight Web
Trade: GameDev/Pixel Artist

Dead End

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Leonardo Price

Issue #29
Game: By the World’s Wind
Trade: pee thief

Artist, goblin, scoundrel I will eat your shoes

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