Issue #47 Contributors

The Spookfish

Issue #47
Game: bear in the snow
Trade: musician

My name’s Dan and I make music and videogames as The Spookfish. I am really interested in dreams and nature and other parts of reality that feel magical. I have always tried to share this in the music I make and in the events I put on. I regularly put on concerts on mountains or strange places like on rocks in rushing streams in the dark of night.

itch, bandcamp


Issue #47
Game: bones of the earth + home is where the haunt is
Trade: game maker

maker of short narrative games, mostly in bitsy! 😀


Lily Valeen

Issue #47
Trade: Game Designer & Lesbian Devil

i make high-octane games about queer women and queer games about high-octane women. i like pixel art, secrets, and punk music. i can lick my elbow and i have a crush on everyone

itch, cohost, twitter

George Larkwright

Issue #47
Game: So this is Innovation?
Trade: Writer & Game Designer

When I have time, I make interactive stories, games, and other digital things. When I don’t have time, I panic.


Daikon Games

Issue #47
Game: Chico and the Magic Orchards DX
Trade: Programming, art, music, the works

I’ve always loved making games. They’re my personal favorite form of entertainment, and building them out of nothing has always appealed to me!

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Cross Couloir

Issue #47
Game: Lamprey
Trade: Programmer

expressing myself by making the good pixels appear on the good screen

twitter, itch, bluesky