Issue #2 Contributors

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Toto Lin

Issue # 2
Game: dinosaurily
Trade: Art, Writing, Design

Recent grad of UC Santa Cruz, loves making whimsical and colorful art and gaymes

Twitter, Art Portfolio, Games


Issue #2
Game: Wandering
Trade: Programmer, animator, 3D generalist

I started out as a simple 3d artist and then i got into game dev and i feel in love with the process of creating a game.

Twitter, itch, Discord

Takeru Grima

Issue #2
Game: Taxi of the Asteroids
Trade: Developer C#

Independent French Game developer with an IT formation. I developed many games prototype. Mostly interested by retro games, RPG Games, Strategic games and pixel art.

itch, Website, Twitter, Youtube

Phoebe Shalloway

Issue #2
Trade: Game Developer/Writer

Phoebe Shalloway (they/she) is a game developer and writer from the United States. They are especially interested in experimental narrative forms, interdisciplinary media, and media that deal with issues of environmental catastrophe and capitalism. Their most notable game is Even in Arcadia, which was created as their senior thesis project at Vassar College, Class of 2018. The project aims to explore the relationship between humans, the built environment, and “nature” under capitalism, and was also influenced by immersive theater, media theory, and the theories of the activist/artist group the Situationist International. Phoebe has also created several other small and strange solo games, which can be played at They currently work as an engineer for Whitethorn Digital, an independent game studio based in Erie, Pennsylvania. You can follow what they’re working on next on twitter @girl_debord.

itch, Twitter

Nathaniel Kita

Issue #2
Game: Dyad
Trade: Programming

video game enthusiast, programmer, developer currently studying computer science

itch, YouTube

Murilo Trigo

Issue #2
Game: Arrows Left
Trade: Game Developer

He/Him. Fledgling game developer from London, Ontario. Making games and RPGs

itch, twitter

Button Punch Games

Issue #2
Game: Spinball
Trade: Game Designer

BPG is a multiplayer-focused game studio based in Columbus, Ohio. They are big fans of social gaming and want to create experiences that bring people together.