Issue #5 Contributors

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Issue #5
Game: Remote Bot
Trade: Programming

Software engineer with the heart of a game developer.



Issue #5
Cover Artist
Trade: Illustrator

Skullboy is tired, but he’s not dead yet.



Issue #5
Game: A Change of Heart: A Magical Girl Adventure
Trade: Motion Graphics/Animation

I’m a designer/animator who likes to spend their free time making games! I love participating in game jams, but I’m planning to build larger games as time goes on. I hope you enjoy my work. Please follow me on itch and twitter (@ShibeyG) to keep up with my progress! I’m planning a sequel to “A Change of Heart,” and will be tweeting updates as this and other projects grow.

itch, Twitter, Youtube

Paul Daniel

Issue #5
Comic: Todd Tucker Realtor
Trade: Comics

I draw eggs, bananas, and Guy Fieri.


Nicki Berger

Issue #5
Comic: Kaiju Birthday
Trade: Cartoonist

Nick Berger is a nonbinary cartoonist from the mouse’s summer home, Orlando, Florida. They like to make comics that are some combination of: gay, funny, stupid, cute. Yes their last name is pronounced like the food, and yes they do like burgers.

Site, Twitter


Issue #5
Game: 0 = 0 = 0
Trade: Prögrämming

games are cool ^^

itch, twitter


Issue #5
Game: GeaSaga
Trade: Cooking/Herb Gathering

A solo game developer aspirant!


Eric Lide

Issue # 5
Comic: ZASH!!
Trade: Comic artist!

Eric Lide is a swamp creature cursed to keep drawing comics until his last breath


Christina-Antoinette “castpixel” Neofotistou

Issue #5
Game: GhostVac
Trade: illustrator, pixel artist, indie dev

I’m a professional illustrator and gamedev, specializing in pixelart


Bob McGough

Issue #5
Game: More Meat For The Machine
Trade: Author

Bob is an author, podcaster, and game designer from Southern Alabama. Most of his game design comes in the form of One Sheet RPGs, which range from the serious to the silly. For those interested in his podcasts, books, or line of nerdy shirts, check out his website. He is a firm believer that puns are the highest form of humor.