Issue #3 Contributors

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Issue #3
Game: let your egg people grow into large trees / two of swords
Trade: programmer / musician

crazy lesbian. disabled transsexual. (she/her). video games and guitar noises. eat the rich. worship birds.

site, twitter

Rémy Devaux

Issue #3
Game: Embrace
Trade: Solo game developer

Punk of the digital age 🍬

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Issue #3
Game: Match me if you can
Trade: Writer

I wrote for dozens of narrative games including Bury Me My Love and ‘Til Cows Tear us Apart. Currently working on Haven.



Issue #3
Game: Match Me If You Can
Trade: Graphic Design and Animations

I love narrative stuff, it’s what I want to do.


Mars Ashton

Issue #3
Game: Flux
Trade: Professor, Writer, Indie

Mars Ashton is an award-winning Indie Game Developer, Technical Writer for RHM3, and Director/Assistant Professor of Game Design at Lawrence Technological University. He has been instrumental in establishing the game development community throughout Michigan, co-founding the Ann Arbor chapter and running the Detroit chapter of the International Game Developers Association. A frequent exhibitor and speaker at industry events, Mars provides enthusiastic insight into his work as a game developer, academic and leader on topics typically emphasizing rapid prototyping, networking and discipline on both professional and personal levels.

Twitter, Tumblr, itch


Issue #1
Issue #1 Cover
Trade: Illustrator

Illustrator, zine maker, cat owner!


Florence Noé

Issue #3
Game: Match me if you can
Trade: Programming

Freelance programmer, with a love for narrative projects.


Edward Clombe

Issue #3
Game: Match Me If You Can
Trade: Music / Sound Design

Aspiring composer / sound designer….maybe someday….


Damien Crawford

Issue # 3
Game: I Have Low Stats But My Class Is “Leader”, So I Recruited Everyone I Know To Fight The Dark Lord
Trade: Game Design

Damien has been an independent developer for seven years, mostly making RPGs and games that make the player unsure if the game hates them or not.


Caique Assis

Issue #3
Trade: Game Design and Programming

I make games Clouds are way better than games But games are ok


Adrien Dittrick

Issue # 3
Game: Saccharine Playground
Trade: Game Development

Engineering teacher by day, indie video games developer also by day (sleep is important, don’t waste it!) I have broadened my craft to also include music composition and procedural art. I make short games with meaningful gameplay and philosophical themes. Or sometimes I just make meme games. If you have questions, ask them on one of my various social media