Issue #27 Contributors

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Siyi Chen

Issue #27
Game: Good Day
Trade: Composition & Audio Design

I’m Siyi Chen, a Brooklyn-based Chinese game and film composer. I’ve been working as a composer in game and film industry for 3 years. I was selected to New York Foundation of Arts funding for hosting Hot Pot For One 2-Year Anniversary OST concert. The game Come On into My Secret Base in the Woods with Ink Answers Le Freak! which I scored has got Best Arts in 2022 Global Game Jam.

site, itch, twitter, instagram

GroundDoon (Nikita Divsky)

Issue #27
Game: glazkovia: a journey of the mind.
Trade: Writer, gamedesign and code

Making videogames with my friends since 2020!


Digital Tchotchkes

Issue #27
Game: Go Fly A Kite
Trade: Game Dev

I am a game dev interested in games as an elevated form of void screaming.

twitter, itch