Let’s RPG Make(r(2)) An Exquisite Corpse

The main copy in question (memory card not pictured)

CURRENT PROGRESS: Getting ready for birth – Signup <- You can do this forever!

Do you like RPGs? Do you like to make them? Would you like to make them? Would you like to make them with other people? Would like to make one on an outdated console in a format that makes it nigh-impossible to share?

What if I told you such a project does (or at least could) exist?

Thus I present to you the very functionally named RPG Maker 2 Exquisite Corpse. This project, inspired by a group in Japan that buys and plays old RPG Maker carts, (and the broad idea of the exquisite corpse of course) is about a group of people coming together to make a single game in RPG Maker 2. Collaboratively, month by month.

The first obvious is “why?”. I suppose most importantly, “why the hardware specificity, there are PC versions you know?”. To which I say, of course there are and of course doing things digitally would be much easier. But listen, I already spend most of my time putting together something that is all about making games easily accessible (buy Indiepocalypse), sometimes you just wanna do self-indulgent bullshit. I like the idea of a game that exists on a specific piece of physical hardware that needs to be passed around. I like the theoretical world where people are sharing memory cards at conventions and comparing versions of some game that feels like a secret.

But how will it work? Basically each developer will get a month (+delivery time?) to work on the game, at which point they mail the game and memory card (bought new ones just for this!) to the next person on the list. Can they make a personal backup on a second card (or even PC)? Sure, I’m not their boss and a little security doesn’t hurt.

So if you’re interested in participating fill out the form or just email me at indiepocalypse @ gmail