Issue #28 Contributors

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Younès Rabii a.k.a Pyrofoux

Issue #28
Trade: Game Designer + Researcher

Younès is both a game designer and researcher. They specialize in making strange ludic experiments and pitching new game ideas like a conspiracy theorist. Younès’ nindo is to make games that can surprise both you and them!



Issue #28
Game: Text Tac Toe.
Trade: Programmer and Cool Dude

Hi I make video games 🙂

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Laura Govednik ~ Lucky Newt Games

Issue #28
Game: The Tea Bundle – Whistling Wolf Café Solo and Multiplayer Edition / Enchanted Blend
Trade: Writer / Stay at home mom

I’m an ADHD/neuro-divergent panromantic writer. I focus on family friendly games that are light-hearted, comforting, make people stop and think about themselves and the world around them, or some combination therein. I also run a game journaling blog that shows what I’m left with after playing solo journaling TTRPGs.

When not chasing after my toddler or hard at work having fun, I geek out over TTRPG themes and mechanics, anime, MCU, Star Wars, Brandon Sanderson books, and many other things. Feel free to geek out with me on Discord and Twitter.

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Claire Ahuriri-Dunning of Sky Bear Games

Issue #28
Game: The Nine Lives of Nim: Fortune’s Fool
Trade: Writer

Storyteller, mother, wife, musician, non-binary, Māori and Pakeha, award-winning indie game dev, TTRPG designer and playwright, animal enthusiast, aspiring novelist, fantasy and sci-fi nerd, among many other hats.