Issue #12 Contributors

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Zhenia Zankov

Issue #12
Game: Baby Labor
Trade: Writer and designer

Grew up across from Rasputin’s house, blood related to the guy who killed him. Those dark streets Dostoevsky wrote about are my neighborhood.



Issue #12
Game: Polymute
Trade: Programmer/Pixel Artist

Designer/Pixel Artist with a few notable releases on Recent games include “Transmute” (2019), “Polymute” (2020), and “Elephantasy” (2020). Got started in gamedev by making Zelda fan-games in the late 2000’s; currently making games in GMS 1.4.9.

itch, portfolio, twitter


Issue #12
Game: Astrid & The Witch
Trade: Artist

draws stuff, things even. made a funny grandma game!


Eve McLachlan

Issue # 12
Game: White Dresses on Branches
Trade: Writing

Eve is interested in anything that is strange and kind. She is very bad at video games.

twitter, itch

Erika Verkaaik

Issue #12
Game: Crafting Consent
Trade: Game dev

Erika is a queer, Australian game developer. They dabble in both digital and analogue games and like to make games about connection, exploration and discovery.

itch, twitter, website

Casey “Boz” Weeks

Issue # 12
Game: Meta Form
Trade: Dev/Game Design

After years of knocking at the door of that unknowable black box inside our heads, it dawned on me I’d been going about it all wrong. What if instead of requesting entry to their world, storytelling could lure the reclusive creatures to ours?


Ambrosio (Milo)

Issue #12
Game: EXTENDED CARE UNIT ROOM 19B / four stories COVID
Trade: Software Developer / Visual Artist

When not coding and drawing, playing games or out in the big blue world. Let’s make this orb a better place!