Issue #13 Contributors

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Lucian Kahn

Issue #13
Game: Martian NEIGHborhood College Horse Catalog
Trade: Game Designer

Lucian Kahn is the award-winning game designer of Visigoths vs Mall Goths and Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy. He is a gay-coded villain.



Issue #13
Game: Weather Report
Trade: Writing

Born in a cave in the mountains of Appalachia, Healy enjoys reading, playing video games, and sitting around not doing much of notice.


Fabian Fischer

Issue #13
Game: Crimson Company
Trade: Game Designer

Game designer chasing the elusive beauty of systems.

site, twitter, itch


Issue #13
Game: I saw DARKNESS and it saw ME
Trade: Designer

After years of playing I developed #indiedev as a serious hobby, I like to experiment with different mediums (videogames, zines, LARP, tabletop). I enjoy doing all the stuff : design, writing, graphics, programming, sound..

What I love is emotional, experimental, personal, surprising, beautiful, meaningful… experiences. I mostly play narrative and #altgames by other indies 🙂 Games are Art !

Also, I’ve always considered myself an alien.

itch, twitter