Issue #8 Contributors

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Issue #8
Cover Artist
Trade: Illustration

nb artist


Maksym Loboda

Issue #8
Game: Textreme 2
Trade: Programming

Making games for fun since 2017



Issue #8
Game: Prism Song
Trade: Musician

Programmer musician – flute. In love with the creative potential of weak-typed languages.

itch, GitHub

Garage Heathen

Issue #8
Game: T-Gotchi!
Trade: Game developer

Originally misspelled the word Heaven! Now have to stick to the pagan entourage.. I study architecture, while coding, drawing, writing, composing and 3d-modelling in my free time. Combine them together – you get a game!

YouTube, Twitter, itch, vk, Game Jolt

Ash K

Issue #8
Game: Textreme 2
Trade: Game Design

Designer of fancy non games and other stupid thingies

Twitter, itch