Issue #10 Contributors

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t.k. dreck

Issue #10
Trade: digital creative

t.k. dreck started out by goofing around with game making software in their youth, but after clicking on the wrong menu option they became cursed. as a result, t.k. dreck cannot do anything besides making games in their lifetime, so expect many games to come. will the curse ever end? well, it’s quite fun so hopefully not.

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Sophie Rose

Issue #10
Game: Spare Parts: Episode 1
Trade: Writing, Drawing, Trying

visual novels are my blood

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Seth Alter

Issue #10
Game: Traitor Nightly
Trade: Game dev

Seth Alter is a game designer and research software engineer. Their works include the video games Neocolonialism, No Pineapple Left Behind, and Traitor Nightly; the card game Hexadecimate; and various software repos. Their art and coding projects are influenced by Jewish mysticism, personal outrage, and the inevitably of the anarcha-queer revolution. Find them on Twitter at subalterngames

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Hero Robb

Issue # 10
Game: Budget Rate Stigmata
Trade: musician/writer/voice actor/professional unemployed worrier

Hero Robb has severe depression, an anxiety disorder, multiple sclerosis, and the only thing that makes him feel better is experiencing uncomfortable art and attempting to make it himself. He sometimes makes avant-garde death metal under the name Toluca Lake. He has been making games on and off since 2014, but due to medical conditions and *gestures vaguely*, he has been making more games recently.

bandcamp, itch

Edward Atkin

Issue #10
Game: Remember Mary
Trade: Programming, writing, art, sound and music (sometimes)

I’m a mostly solo-dev making a variety of open source games with Gamemaker Studio 2. I usually make games with a focus on meaningful stories, a little humour and naive art.

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