PIZZA PRANKS Videogame Tape Market

PIZZA PRANKS Videogame Tape Market

Application Form Here – more info on form and and below items on this page

Application Form Here

Starting in 2023, I began selling Indiepocalypse on USB sticks stored inside of tape cassette cases which I shorthanded to just calling “tapes”. I am now opening up producing tapes (maybe making a production label?) for any developer who would like me to do the same for them.

There are 3 main (non-exclusive) options:
1. I print-on-demand tapes and sell them online through my website.
2.  I print-on-demand tapes and sell them at in-person events I table at.
3. I print and ship you runs of tapes to do whatever you want with.

The costs for the options are:
1. $3/tape ($2.65 USB/case/insert/shipping materials cost + fee)
2. $2.50/tape ($1.78 USB/case/insert cost + fee)
3. $2.50/tape ($1.78 USB/case/insert cost + fee) + shipping and shipping material costs.

Material costs are estimates based on time of writing, but shouldn’t vary too much and I’ll announce well ahead of time if they drastically change to the point where I would need to change the price.

There is an optional revenue share in the cases where I am selling the game for you, but this is strictly optional. The cost of tapes I ship to you will be paid up front. The cost of the print-on-demand tapes will be taken from the sales and the remainder sent to you.

Otherwise, all I need from you is a cassette cover or the art assets for me to make the cover for you. Cassette insert format templates are likely available in multiple places online, I used a cover from the excellent site The Cover Project (example for my base size template.

Alternatively, if you’d like to make the tapes entirely on your own but want to ask me about any of the logistics of production, shipping, etc. feel free to email me at or message me any other way you prefer. If you have any alterations you want to try or want to talk about other ways to physically sell games (postcards + codes are a good cheap option!) also don’t hesitate to ask.

I think these tapes are a good low cost format akin to zines for game devs making games at a similar scale. They’re great for your local (and low cost) art markets, zine fests, and the like. Just think it should catch on as a standard!