Issue #15 Contributors

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Issue #15
Game: From Out the Boundless Deep
Trade: Writer, Game Designer, Editor

I’m a TTRPG fan who loves making stories and rulesets based on the weird little background bits of media I enjoy — the shopkeeps who sell cursed items to the protagonist, the inspectors who keep workplace safety up to code, the plucky engineers who keep mechs running, etcetera. With tabletop games, I like to focus more on character building and interaction.

I love writing dialogue. Please ask me to write dialogue for your game.

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Jorge Fernández

Issue #15
Game: Escape from the Tomb of Apep
Trade: Translator

I’m a Spanish translator living in the UK. I started learning game development during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Escape from the Tomb of Apep is my first video game.


Joeri Bakker

Issue #15
Game: Clean! Those! Kids!
Trade: Web Developer

Forever working on that overscoped passion project.

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Freya Campbell

Issue #15
Game: Winter
Trade: Writer & Designer

Freya Campbell writes sad gay horror/scifi games, stories, and sometimes music. Actually slightly less depressed than her games would suggest.

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Issue #15
Game: Flowers for Time, Minimalist Mastery
Trade: Programmer, artist and game dev!

game dev hobbyist who focuses on narrative and multiple endings. mostly been doing a lot of game jams (both entries for indiepocalypse were made for game jams) but plan on doing larger projects 🙂 current project is “A Monster’s Insight” check it out on itch!

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