Indiepocalypse 49

Indiepocalypse #49

Cover – Thalia Godbout
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

Making The Leap (WIN) by Keenardo

Making The Leap is a short inspirational platformer about trying to do something you've never done before. First made in Dreams in 2021, this version for PC marks developer Keenardo's first PC game!

Shadows of Lir'Ah (WIN/Browser) by Moonkey_Lab

You wake up on the island of Lir'Ah but you don't know that. In a cave you stand blue is your skin, with some scratched clothes and nothing in your memory.

Soon you realise that a battle is raging on the surface and strange creatures swarm the subterranean area. You will have to learn how to escape this dire situation.

Possibility Space (WIN) by Mickey Sanchez

Possibility Space is a puzzle poem about exploring the possible outcomes of a conversation.

The Good Weapon (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Madeline Wu

The world is consumed by evil, leaving the three of you trapped inside your bunker. There's no way out other than to nuke the entire world.

Yet your leader's having second thoughts. She's getting cold feet; and if the two of you can't convince her to use the weapon, then maybe it's time to take matters into your own hands.

Are you ready to save the world?


An old woman seeks salvation for her granddaughter as the world ends around her. A cult of children worshiping the carcasses of dead pigs prepare to carry out their final task. Someone comes back home after a decade of promising themselves that they never would.

SALTWATER is a narrative game about 3 stories that converge at the end of the world.

Running From Shadows (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Boreas O'Brien

A short surrealist nostalgia horror game about escaping the isolation of your past. Maybe you'll survive. Maybe you'll let yourself be consumed by the ghosts.

You Are Here (Physical) by Nate Nate (Mean Green Press)

You Are Here is an 85-page modern TTRPG fever dream about surviving super-mega-hyperculture in the never-ending Mall of the Infinite. Within its infinite halls, mallgoers will explore the absurdity of the American subconscious in search of Escalators—legendary mechanisms of movement that lead up, up, up to the fabled Exit on the tippy-top floor.

Along the way, you'll hunt for the Silverdollar Serpent in the Great Fountain, thwart the best-laid plans of villainous fashion moguls, decline the poetic athletica of the Peloton Cultists, and rack up a hefty bill with your brand-new Infinitas no-limit credit card.

eggs for you (WIN/MAC/Linux) by littlerat

🥚🥚🥚 eggs for you

an egg game about an egg man giving eggs to the eggless.

(eggs are hard work. remember to take breaks!)

Esther's (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Brad and Alleson Buchanan

At Esther's cafe your adorable host
Served cheese to the mice when they wanted toast!
That won't bother Harold's robust appetite,
But Janie insists that the order's not right.


CEREALMAN (WIN/MAC/Linux) by pancelor

Is he a cereal?

Or is he a man?

He is CEREALMAN, and he's here to provide nutritious crunch to your morning routine