Issue #20 Contributors

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Volition Newlove

Issue #20
Game: A Twisted Place
Trade: Writing

Rhianna Newlove (aka Rana Strange) is an agender asexual writer based in Naarm/Melbourne, who primarily creates surreal horror and queer smut. They have a strange obsession with the idea of eating the sun.

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Teal Sather

Issue #20
Cover Illustration
Trade: Animator and illustrator

I’m a freelance artist and indie animator who loves nature, food, and my two pet guinea pigs!

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Jeremy Couillard

Issue #20
Game: Fuzz Dungeon
Trade: Artist/Teacher

I make games and art objects and build installations around them. My games tend to have humorous narratives revolving around surreal dystopias that explore what motivates us as humans to work, live, and create.


Arianna Ravioli

Issue #20
Game: Will Die Alone
Trade: Game Designer and Writer

I’m Arianna! I love to make (sad) games.

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Issue #20
Game: oxalis
Trade: game developer

01010111 loves to make games

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