Issue #24 Contributors

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Kai Werder

Issue #24
Game: Archiver
Trade: creative

making art mostly games, collages and I hear rumors about zines

site, twitter, itch


Issue #24
Game: Ceilless
Trade: Game Programming

Game developer. After working as a game programmer, became independent to make a game as wanted. Just want to live by making games. Not part-time ….

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Adrian Riedman

Issue #24
Game: Rheum
Trade: Game developer

I mainly make body horror bullet hell games for some reason. Starting to widen out though!

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Adlan Ramly

Issue #24
Game: Project Anomaly: Urban Supernatural Investigator DEMO
Trade: Interaction Designer & UX Researcher

Hobbyist Game Dev & Artist who happens to be the Creative Director of Dark Science, a bunch of no ones working part time remotely on games, design, & experimental technology for fun. Open for collabs!

site, twitter, itch