Indiepocalypse 50

Indiepocalypse #50

Cover – Gil Goletski
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

ruins of courage (WIN) by kumori

'ruins of courage' is a short bitsy game about humanity, its flaws, and its sins. it was originally created simply as a way to practice pixel art in bitsy, but it become more than that. the game will only take around 5 minutes to complete.

please note that this game is meant to be thought-provoking and introspective; it is not meant to have exciting gameplay and cool cutscenes. if you are looking for a fast-paced gaming experience, you will not find it here. with that being said, it is the creator's hope that people will still give this game a try, and perhaps even dwell on its message.

Piero's Pilgrimage (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Pier Plowman

A little melancholic game in which amateur pie-baker travels to a sky castle

Fear and Loneliness in Latona's Void (HTML) by Harlequin Diver

Many years ago, you entered Latona's Void, as an escape from your life. Until one day, you decided to no longer wait in the darkness of this void, ready to leave and move on.

Barricade The Gates (Physical) by Zoe Hickman

A 4-8 Player Hidden Role Board Game where bandits are about to raid your village, and have hired your fellow villagers as spies to weaken your defenses. Root out the traitors and Barricade The Gates!

The Melting Apartment (Gameboy) by Flower Studio

A short, garish nightmare. In this horror game inspired by Italian Giallo films and Junji Ito, explore a doomed apartment building to investigate a young woman's disappearance.

Stares Back (WIN) by Stephen Williams

Looking for relief, signs point her towards a mysterious nebula. Now she needs a closer look. Stares Back is a kinetic visual novel about purpose, depression, and spiders.

Brush Burial (WIN) by Tris, Knife Demon Software

a lo-fidelity first-person-snatcher with a focus on exploration and expressive movement.

SPEEDCAT (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Fletch Makes Stuff

SPEEDCAT - an adorable mini-metroidvania! There are 32 different rooms to explore; within each room, there is exactly one coin to collect! Will you be the fastest to collect all 32?

1998 (HTML) by Berrak Nil Boya

A game about trying to find good songs to make a mixtape for a very special friend.

"I’d strongly recommend making sure you don’t miss a single tape as every last one pops up a slice of internal monologuing, our poor protagonist doing her best at figuring out what’s what; and not just regarding the potential mixtape contents either." - Wraithkal

"It really gives the nervous lesbian disaster vibes perfectly. Makes my students anxious whenever we play it in class." - Anna Anthropy


how to use the subway (WIN/MAC) by q1

"how to use the subway" is a little portrait of transit with a subway system that's freshly cooked up whenever you boot it up. in it you can wait for the train... wander... get lost... get bored... people-watch... listen to music.