Issue #41 Contributors

Roxy S.

Issue #41
Game: Neotrogla
Trade: Indie Dev, Writer

Queer writer and game dev making work examining fears, fascinations, and fixations. Scribe of nightmares, surveyor of the strange. Too tired to be afraid. Has a meterless 2f reversal.

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Rodrick `RodFireProductions`

Issue #41
Trade: Visual Art, Programming, and Web Development

I’m a queer Afro Mexican artist, web developer, and game developer. I work on a variety of creative projects. Creating things is my passion and what drives me to continue.

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Quentin Delvallet

Issue #41
Game: Biblically Accurate Sheeps
Trade: Developer by choice, bad artist by needs

Lots of love to you from France 🙂 I am a game dev only during my free time and I have yet to find my style, so mostly making very random things. Thanks for reading this and browsing Indiepocalypse!

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Issue #41
Game: Collage Advertisement
Trade: Game Designer

OXY aka Ewen aka Fuchsia Jesus, french Game Designer, I make weird shit. Bachelor (3 year studies) in Game Design.



Issue #41
Game: Internal Monologue
Trade: Indie Dev, Artist

agender goblin creature making silly things for silly people


Homie “Lintilion” Boon

Issue #41
Game: I’m Hungry! I’m Healthy! I’m Human
Trade: Design, Code, Art, Writing, Music.

Ogre-Class Games Developer, in a Devil-Class world. I hope to keep making fun little videogames, and that you like to play them. You might find something of interest if you look more closely at the world! Fight hard for the future!

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