Issue #31 Contributors

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Issue #31
Game: 3 Hours Of Style
Trade: Prögramming, Music, Consuming potatoes

Programmer, musician, somewhat visual artist. Born and bruised in Sweden, ready to take on whatever I decide to get myself knees deep into. That enough of an intro?
What I do is try to get people to look up and just do something together. While that’s not the goal of all of my games, it’s what my goal in life is to do. I just want the people around me to laugh and be happy, and if I sometimes look stupid when trying to do that then so be it. I also like girls. I am very gay. Please save me. Thanks 😀

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Sloane Leong

Issue #31
Trade: Art

Sloane Leong is a cartoonist, illustrator, writer, and editor of mixed indigenous ancestries. Through her work, she engages with visceral futurities and fantasies through a radical, kaleidoscopic lense. She is currently living on Chinook land near what is known as Portland, Oregon.

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nykalily TV

Issue #31
Game: You Did a Bad Think Nyk!
Trade: Graphic Design/ Animation & MORE

nykTV is a transfemme multimedia force/artist currently focusing on games development & animation! nykTV uses She/Her & It/It’s pronouns.


L.O.V.E. Games

Issue #31
Game: Xxxatharxyx [It’s Going to Be Alright]
Trade: Hospital office worker

After acquiring a BA in Fine Arts from San Francisco State, L.O.V.E. Games Studio immediately threw it into the garbage can and made a gay visual novel for some reason. They then emailed it directly to Tim Schafer. They have yet to hear back.

They have been making games ever since, creating their own artwork, music, and style along the way, drawing on the language of RPG’s to tell the gayest stories that you’ve probably ever heard.


Kostiantyn Kravchyshyn

Issue #31
Game: Fear the Void : Prologue
Trade: Unity Programmer, 3D Modeller, Game Designer

Creating games was always my dream and passion.

As a child, I, together with my brother and friends, created games on paper, since then we did not have a PC or consoles yet. In our youth, with the purchase of the first PC, the installation of Starcraft and Warcraft, we got access to the Map editor. Creating custom Warcraft maps has long been our passion.

Now after long years of study and relocating to Europe – I started with games again;)
Learned Unity and Blender, got involved in a team of ExtraCosmicStudios, created awesome games such as Fear The Void : Prologue, and part of Indiepocalypse#31!

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Elliot Davis

Issue #31
Game: Something Is Wrong With The Chickens
Trade: Artist, Game Designer, Producer

I love storytelling and creating. My latest passion has been in designing TTRPGs though I still hold a deep love for illustration, photography, and podcasting. On the internet, you can generally find my work under the name moreblueberries.

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Andy Wallace

Issue #31
Trade: Game Designer

I make small games in a small apartment.

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