Issue #33 Contributors

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Issue #33
Game: Sanctuarium Online
Trade: Visual Artist and Web Ghost

I’m a Visual Artist, Music Maker and Game Developer. I’m all about experimenting with various art forms depending of what I want to express. I studied and graduated from Fine-Arts in France. Lately I’ve been diving deeper into creating video-games and it’s been a great journey so far as I met interesting new people along the way. See you all around !


Takuma Okada

Issue #33
Game: OLDHOME: Trip to Turtle City
Trade: Game design

Girl from the woods who believes in urban pastel. Game designer, musician, trans enigma. Will perish if kept from the ocean for too long. Makes all sorts of TTRPGs: slice of life, worldbuilding and exploration, mecha, action, etc.

itch, twitter


Issue #33
Trade: Writer

I’m a trans woman that’s had a weird and extreme life, and so makes weird and extreme media about violence, sex, drugs, and the queer experience, with assistance from acquaintances, friends, and loved ones. Viewer discretion advised.

twitter, itch

Janos Biro

Issue #33
Game: Overrun
Trade: Writer

Graduated in Philosophy and writing as if there was tomorrow.


Heather Collop

Issue #33
Game: Quantum Bummer Blues
Trade: Game Design

Heather is a game design freak making strange games about sadness and squares, frequently weaving together influence from classic arcade games and the survival-horror genre.

itch, twitter


Issue #33
Game: Tamabud
Trade: game developer

I am a hobbyist game developer and I enjoy participating in game jams sometimes.



Issue #33
Game: HUNT3R
Trade: Science Teacher & Visual Novelist

Started Drone Garden Studios in 2020 as a way to provide myself a supplemental income after I lost my old career and also to learn something new. Have continued to make all sorts of weird sci-fi games/stories tailored to my specific interests while starting my new science teaching career that I love very much. Used to work with orphaned dolphins.

site, itch, twitter

Aaron El Sabrout

Issue #33
Game: Escape the Bullpen
Trade: writing & art

A transgender alien currently located on Stz’uminus territory. Writes, makes comics, and learns how to code to make games!