Issue #9 Contributors

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Taylor McCue

Issue #9
Game: Saving You From Yourself
Do I Pass?

I’ve spent a decent chunk of my life oscillating between suicidal and struggling to fake being a normal person, and trying to save the world while hating myself. In grad school, I started to turn my life around. I got therapy, got a degree, got vaginoplasty. My vaginoplasty went wrong. I had a decent chance of dying, as I reflected on my life in delirium my biggest regret was not making cringeworthy anime games. I pulled myself together enough to make those games and kept making games. I still have problems from my surgery. I’m not really okay but still my life is still worth living even if I struggle a lot. My games aren’t for everyone. They are still worth making.

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Talia Mair

Issue #9
Game: Perfect Vermin
Trade: Game Designer/ Game Artist

I make short and surreal games that frequently feature sledge hammers, fish, fetuses and Old Testament Catholicism. All my games are collaborations, I don’t work alone.

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Issue #9
Game: BBB: Boost Boom Boots
Trade: Artist & Programmer

Hello! I am (mostly) a software developer, but I love doing art and stuff. I spend my free time to do game-jams compulsively, but also develop games professionally. I love juicy, minimalistic and elegant game design. When possible, I also like to mess a bit with the perception of reality, using augmented reality and psychedelic narratives.

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Raphaël Dely / EckartG

Issue #9
Game: I Was Always Filled With Anger
Trade: Artist / Game Designer

Artist and game designer, I make very experimental artgames that often blend poetry and games


Christina Nordlander

Issue #9
Game: The Light Prince
Trade: Writer

Christina Nordlander was born in 1982 in Sweden, but has been living in the UK since 2001. She currently lives outside Birmingham with her husband and two cats. She is primarily a prose writer, but has started to branch out into Interactive Fiction as well. She also has a PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the University of Manchester.


Cecile Richard

Issue #9
Game: novena
Trade: graphic designer

Cecile Richard is a graphic designer, illustrator, zine maker and game designer living in Melbourne, Australia whose artistic work often revolves around the themes of memory, connection and belonging. Their most well-known works include award-winning short Bitsy games novena and ENDLESS SCROLL, and UNDER A STAR CALLED SUN. 

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