Issue #25 Contributors

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Rani Timekey Baker

Issue #28
Trade: Artist/Game Developer

Destroyed For Comfort. Award winning game designer, freelance writer, ROM hacker. Sad but funny. Used to work for Macaulay Culkin, probably still does. You’ve heard of her.

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Issue #25
Game: you are the hero
Trade: writer | compsci student

former lawyer, current comp sci student, forever writer. germany-based korean-russian, and a citizen of the whole world. has a weird obsession with the roman empire and all-lowercase writing. always following the ex aequo et bono principle. oh, and i love python. ironically. unless?…

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Kiefer Nemeth

Issue #25
Game: Katja’s Abyss: Tactics
Trade: Designer

I’m primarily a systems designer, but as a solo dev I’ve done a lot of sound design, engineering, and (dreadfully) art. I just like games! Can’t stop myself from makin em!



Issue #25
Game: Acolyte:Ascend
Trade: Writer/Illustrator

Hale is a queer latine creator of poetry, short fiction, illustrations, and interactive fiction. Their work explores the monstrous, intimate, divine, transformative, and fae often through a queer lens.

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Galen Games

Issue #25
Game: DUFE: Masquerade
Trade: Indie Game Team

Led by artist, director and developer Crysil, Galen Games is a female-ran visual novel studio primarily based out of the UK. We make fantasy and supernatural games for a mature audience.

For DUFE: Masquerade we had significant contributions from frequent team fixtures including VA and writer, Ryan Hoyle, programmer Midge, editor illegalilieo, VA director Ashe Thurman and VA Alex Gardipe. Our composer, Edpin is also a longtime member of our team and has also contributed some lovely tracks.

site, Ryan Hoyle, Midge, Edpin, illegalilieo, Ashe Thurman, Alex Gardipe

Clair Willden

Issue #25
Game: Cult Game
Trade: Writing!

Clair is an English teacher who loves to write games and stories, and who through a happy series of events has come to write story games. They edit a goofball website called Sad Goose Cooperative that publishes lots of silly art and some serious art.

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