Issue #35 Contributors


Issue #35
Game: Children of the Flower
Trade: Artist/Programmer

UX/UI designer who does game dev on the side! I love playing weird, wacky and wonderful games. So I try to make those kinds of games too 🙂

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Min Jordan (minkonn)

Issue #35
Game: Nim’s Sin Removal Service
Trade: Artist and Indie Gamedev

i love/make story-based indie games !!! B]

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Mared Jurphy

Issue #35
Trade: Sound Designer/Noisemaker/Game Dev

I’m a sound designer and musician who loves distorted, messy, evocative textures. I’ve always loved games, but I got into making my own during the COVID lockdown and I’ve been so inspired by the way you can communicate with an audience in the most visceral ways. I’m also continuously inspired by the work of the creative and passionate community on One of my favorite things to do is spend time in forests. They contain so many forms of life and death, big and small, and they remind me that we’re all part of a big, scary, gorgeous cycle.

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Lassiter Waith

Issue #36
Game: Mare Memoria
Trade: Writer and Fiction Editor

I am a black, queer writer who wants to explore the medium in every way I can. Even when I draw or edit others’ work, I feel like I’m writing something.
I like to make games that focus on atmosphere, people and interacting with them. I love people, they’re so interesting – especially when I can make them up.
I usually have a sense of surrealism in my games because the world often feels strange and unknowable to me. People do too, when I’m not writing them.
That’s what I want to put into the world – queer stories for queer people, in every sense of the word.

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Abhi Sundu

Issue #35
Game: Cards of the Bog
Trade: Programmer / Composer

I love making bite-sized, consumable games that you can finish in a sitting or two. Most of my life was spent playing games like this on various flash portals, so it feels really cool to be able to make games that my younger self would have played. Outside of games, I like playing piano, lifting, and rock climbing.

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