Issue #16 Contributors

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Yonah Sienna

Issue #16
Game: In Every Generation
Trade: Jewish Educator, Artist, and Game Designer

Yonah is the creator of the Passover RPG/ritual “In Every Generation”, and is currently working on two new Jewish games, one set in the time of the Maccabees and one set right before Noah’s Ark. They are especially passionate about the intersectionality of Judaism with other topics (eg disability, mental health, gender & queerness)

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Ardent Eliot 🙂 Reinhard

Issue #16
Game: two hundred fifty six
Trade: writing, graphic design and zines

i’m a jewish non binary game designer and zinester writing about lists, trans experience, and mental illness. i am trying to embrace perfectionism and free myself from it at the same time. my career goals include listening to loud music until i die.

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Issue #16
Game: 1-DC, The Oeuvre
Trade: Programming (although, being a solo developer, I’m more of a generalist)

I make innovative games since 2016. They’re usually pretty cool.

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