Indiepocalypse 46

Indiepocalypse #46

Cover –Toyoya Li
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

Quest For The Radiant Cake! Starring Slime and Goo (WIN/MAC/Linux) by m·bluelander

Two jellies. Dozens of puzzles. One elusive cake.

Groblin Survivors (WIN) by FartFish

Build contraptions from the scrap dropped by fallen baddies to kill even more baddies! More contraptions! Kill more baddies! BUILD BUILD BUILD!!!

Reaper's Goodbye (WIN/MAC) by kalechips, Sandalphon and Lankku

🌙 It’s just the wheels of fate turning– You all just got caught in the spokes. 🌙

Drawn in a classic manga style, Reaper's Goodbye is a spooky anthology featuring six strangers awaiting a midnight train. Stories are traded, fates are sealed-- What lies at the end of the night?

Superfetch Dog (WIN) by PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Gale is a good boy. But his little master keeps throwing away this mysterious orb even though she needs it to stay alive... Gale will fetch the orb, he will navigate the forest platformer-style, avoid dangerous wildlife, learn new tricks and keep bringing the orb back!

Nothing stops a good boy like Gale!

GOD, I WANT TO BE DEEP (WIN/MAC/Linux/Browser) by Annika Woolf

A poem; a plea; a call for connection. A one-room Bitsy game made in a single day. Have you been afraid to show yourself, like I have? Don't you hope for a soft place to land?

Pale Dot (Physical) by Devin Nelson

A diceless collaborative storytelling game about non-human cosmonauts embarking on a whimsical, surreal, and existential journey through their solar system.

another happiness (WIN) by Nitori & Saori

An experimental visual novel about leaving behind.

 i will not survive you (Browser) by bignastytruck (violet)

"the flooding must have carried the seeds into our garden, because not long after, the mulberry trees started to grow." a short story about love and grief.

content warnings: death of loved ones (feelings surrounding the deaths are discussed a bit, but the deaths themselves are not described at all), grief and mourning, floods, drought, food. some indication that Something has happened in the larger world that has changed the way of life some, but what that is is not discussed.

The Fair (Game Boy) by Yami Kurae

The Fair is a Game Boy game born from a ludodivinatory exploration of the sounds, synchronicities and high strangeness of a real word place.

Discover the weird lore of the place by connecting to its hidden agencies through sonic mechanics, tracing the eerie resonances between the town’s hills, the power plant, and a lake long abandoned by the fish.


Boils, Otters, Valor, and Death (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Daniel Savage

There are two things known to be certain in our world. The those with the power of the boils, and monsters like Rot the Otter King.

Navigate the Marble Manor with maudlin, meditative, macabre action!