Issue #46 Contributors

Yami Kurae

Issue #46
Game: The Fair
Trade: Game Design, Art, Music

Yami Kurae is an artistic duo consisting of Matteo Polato and Jacopo Bortolussi, making noise, music and videogames with lo-fi processes and malfunctioning haunted media.


violet (bignastytruck)

Issue #46
Game: i will not survive you
Trade: fooling around, goofing off, making people read my notes app poetry

trans queer making tiny little narrative games and game poems, often with bitsy. huge hampster dance fan.


PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Issue #46
Game: Superfetch Dog
Trade: Makers of monthly games

PUNKCAKE Délicieux is a small team of game developpers gone mad with hubris. They’ve challenged themselves to do year-long marathons where they would release a new quality game every month. Time to break all the rules.


Nitori & Saori

Issue #46
Game: another happiness
Trade: Writing/criticism (Nitori), Programming (Saori)

Hello. We’re two trans women from the global south who share a body, and who make games or write criticism about various things sometimes.

The game that first made us think “wow, games can be art” was Yume Nikki, and I think that says most of what needs to be said about our tastes.

Any links you want to add.*

Nitori’s Cohost Saori’s Cohost Itch


Issue #46
Game: Quest For The Radiant Cake! Starring Slime and Goo
Trade: Game design, writing

Friendly round creature. Will give you items in exchange for power chips.

neocities, itch, blog, mastodon


Issue #46
Game: Reaper’s Goodbye
Trade: Writer/Artist

if the stars are lit,
then someone must really need them?
then it is essential
that at least one star
over the rooftops each night?!



Issue #46
Game: Groblin Survivors
Trade: Gamedev

gamedev, book reader, ambassador for nerds


Daniel Savage

Issue #46
Game: Boils, Otters, Valor, and Death
Trade: Game Development

I watched Whisper of the Heart when I was 18 and it made me eschew any chance of a normal computer science career so here I am now.

I really want to someday make a game like Space Battleship Yamato or Gundam 79 where a space family goes on an adventure together.