Issue #46 Contributors

Yami Kurae

Issue #46
Game: The Fair
Trade: Game Design, Art, Music

Yami Kurae is an artistic duo consisting of Matteo Polato and Jacopo Bortolussi, making noise, music and videogames with lo-fi processes and malfunctioning haunted media.


PUNKCAKE Délicieux

Issue #46
Game: Superfetch Dog
Trade: Makers of monthly games

PUNKCAKE Délicieux is a small team of game developpers gone mad with hubris. They’ve challenged themselves to do year-long marathons where they would release a new quality game every month. Time to break all the rules.


Nitori & Saori

Issue #46
Game: another happiness
Trade: Writing/criticism (Nitori), Programming (Saori)

Hello. We’re two trans women from the global south who share a body, and who make games or write criticism about various things sometimes.

The game that first made us think “wow, games can be art” was Yume Nikki, and I think that says most of what needs to be said about our tastes.

Any links you want to add.*

Nitori’s Cohost Saori’s Cohost Itch


Issue #46
Game: Quest For The Radiant Cake! Starring Slime and Goo
Trade: Game design, writing

Friendly round creature. Will give you items in exchange for power chips.

neocities, itch, blog, mastodon


Issue #46
Game: Reaper’s Goodbye
Trade: Writer/Artist

if the stars are lit,
then someone must really need them?
then it is essential
that at least one star
over the rooftops each night?!



Issue #46
Game: Groblin Survivors
Trade: Gamedev

gamedev, book reader, ambassador for nerds


Daniel Savage

Issue #46
Game: Boils, Otters, Valor, and Death
Trade: Game Development

I watched Whisper of the Heart when I was 18 and it made me eschew any chance of a normal computer science career so here I am now.

I really want to someday make a game like Space Battleship Yamato or Gundam 79 where a space family goes on an adventure together.