Issue #30 Contributors

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Sol Martínez-Solé

Issue #30
Trade: 3D Environment Art

Sol is a queer transmasc multidisciplinary artist from Venezuela, currently based in Spain. They create art to explore emotions and memory through bold colors and stylized shapes, and particularly in 3D they search for ways to recreate the sights of their home island. He’s passionate about putting an unnecessary number of rocks in all of their games, and environmental storytelling. You might find them if you look under mossy rocks. (Portrait by Camber Arnhart

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Mer Grazzini

Issue #30
Game: Distant Memories
Trade: Artist + Game Designer

I make too many things, and none of them is sleeping well enough. I mostly make games, write about games, and teach about games; but I also have a non-gamey visual-music duo. I like to make weird small thingies that “””are not actually a game””” and will luckily make you laugh or feel things. I’m also a part of Matajuegos Cooperative, where we make (slightly) bigger games about mental health, social issues and ecology.

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Jonathan Dersch

Issue #30
Game: Get to Hangar 18!
Trade: Game Designer

I like to make and play card games, board games, role playing games, and adventures! My games tend to be inspired by other media I enjoy and the people I play with.


Brendan McLeod

Issue #30
Game: 12 Labors
Trade: Game designer

Brendan is a designer from Key West, Florida, now living in Texas.

Brendan’s games are interested in how mechanics reinforce narrative experiences and how creative twists can revitalize classic tropes. Tinged with a haze of surrealism, his stories aspire to dark sincerity without relying on ugly grit.

A perennial, ambitious GM, he also designs video games professionally and volunteers at a center for wildlife rehabilitation.