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  1. Holy awesome, this is crap!


    No really, the new website looks great. Real classy.

  2. I…I….I….after all this time. I lost hope I lost the will to ever come back to this page. I….im sorry im sorry I lost hope and tried to forget your comic. this little spark is what I needed to ignite the fire I once saw in this comic thank you kiwi

  3. Looks like you got a repeat page. I think there should be something about slapping a pizza for no reason here…

  4. um, its been like, what, four or five months now since this page was put up, I kinda want to know if you guys are actually still doing this stuff, if not Imma just unbookmark this comic

  5. In the time since the last update I have had time to turn 21 and order my first beer. It was Hefenweizen. Not to strong, a hint of citrus flavor…

    Good to know we may one day find out what

    SPECULATION: Kiwi is pretty sure he’ll survive this crazy “apocalypse” bullshit because he saw himself appear from the future via some kind of time portal. He wants Apple to stay out of harm’s way just in case.

  6. *find out what happens next in the comic.

    …i accidentally half of a sentence there.

  7. Happy Birthday! Glad to see other people still holding on to this amazing comic. I check at least once a week(habit) though I usually just look at the site for updates and not this page.

    THEORY: Kiwi doesn’t really know what’s going to happen and when he gets to Berry’s house, stuff really starts going down, timer hits 1 (what’s it at now? 5?) but then some random/miscellaneous character like Tall guy or Iris or the colorful guys from the train station/princess tower or Kiwi’s Dad or something shows up. Kiwi finds the strength to fight again, everyone from everywhere show up and somehow stop the apocalypse. Apple and Kiwi level up to 2!

    Can’t wait to find out what actually happens 😀

  8. Jesus fuck I forgot that Kiwi was actually dead for this part… I haven’t read these in forever.

  9. Happy Birthday Gino! (Sorry of this is late/early but it’s the 3/2 here, sooo timezones yay!) Anyway I hope you have an awesome day and an awesome year to come. Happy birthday, you’re amazing, don’t get too brunk, all my love xx.
    Love, your stalker from across the ocean (or under your floor :P)

  10. Thanks a billion and you were right on time. You’s guys are the best and don’t worry I’m not dead. Came close but not quite. Y’all are the best and thank you for the continued support. I whole heartedly love you all and want you to know your loyalty has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Stay awesome!!!

  11. RANDOM VISIT! Hello to everyone! I hope we are enjoying our lives! If not I will find and punch whom or what ever is hurting you. Huggles for all, have a brownie. Love ya xoxo

  12. *Also added note* When I got ^^Gino’s message a few months ago it made me so unbelievably happy and then absolutely terrified when I couldn’t access the pages after, STOP GIVING ME FAKE HEART ATTACKS. Thanks so much! <3 <3 Now I really will stalk you forever. Watch out 😉

  13. So how long has it been since the last update? A year right? That’s a long time my friends. How has everyone been since then? I can honestly say my life has changed a lot since the last update, and this comic also helped me find my girlfriend! We’ve now been together for a year and four months. Time sure flies. I hope you all have a great day, you deserve it!

  14. HEY HI i just caught up with the archive and i wanted to let you guys know that the Next button skips from page 412 to 414 ALSO wow i am super psyched about this story line.

    i stopped reading this? maybe a year or so ago, because i somehow lost the bookmark for it for the second time, and then i forgot about it. i can’t tell how often this updates, because i can’t see a date anywhere to let me know, but i hope it updates soon!

  15. Looking for work right now, hopefully it will work out soon! It sure has been a while since I looked at this website.

  16. Sending you good vibes Connorses! Hoping you land a job soon. Also, holy wow, a relationship started from this? Jeeze, the power of comics huh? Hope you two get married!!! Also hope you do better than kiwi & berry. I’m working on another project right now but also, I’m thinkin when I get my internet set up on my actual computer (on a phone now) I’m feelin like I have that itch to make more apples and kiwi comics. At least finish this arc. Also, I still really do love you guys and thanks for sticking around. I have the best fans.

  17. Y’know, I check back almost erry day and it was just my routine check and then there was comic and now I am happy.

  18. i will never not keep checking back
    i will stay because i know you will one day comeback and i will be here waiting until the end

  19. This made me laugh, is that a bad thing? I always love to see old characters.
    This is amazing Gino! I am so proud of you xoxo

  20. HELLS YEAH, the works! It told me right away and I was all excited to see what happens to Kiwi and then you immediately killed off some side character with a predictably dark sense of humor. yup.


  21. This page is so pretty *Rubs face against screen after wiping drool from mouth*
    I want a sludgy demon thing, I would name it Bubbles.

  22. Nice catch Bubbles!
    And I spy another mysterious Doop Min! I’ve missed the confusion from you 🙂

  23. Oh no! Please don’t let anything happen to these two. D:
    Andrew already survived one apocalypse, maybe he could do it again?

  24. Cmon he’s killed bigger monsters than that, I mean shit man he’s even been eaten before.

    Then again the last thing that ate him wasn’t full of spiders…


  25. PREDICTION: The punchline is that the cage is actually just from the bird guy who caught him before in the chapter where he got rescued by Apple and Kiwi. Then they both get attacked by the actual apocalypse monsters.

  26. Wow… So, after years of waiting, this comic finally updated, on my birthday, and I didn’t even bother to check for 5 months and a week. I just want to say, I love your comic, and I hope it never dies! However, I wish you guys had a schedule, so I could know when to check…

  27. Hey Gino have you Considered posting your comic on Tapastic I feel like it would be a good place to get your amazing comic back out there it’s full of people just looking for a place to post their comic ideas

  28. When the night seems the darkest is when we need to stick together and shine the brightest. I have hopes that this tale will come to a close in a proper way. But only when the creator decides to. I know i am not the only one who means this. We are with you apple and kiwi, we will always be here waiting.

  29. My words can’t make brain now I am so excited!

    But I can’t imagine a swarm of tentacles shooting out of your eye sockets is a…pleasant…feeling… Poor Apple.

  30. These 2 new pages just fit the ‘Apple and Kiwi’ style perfectly.

    There’s an apocalypse coming out of Apple and we still find time to bicker between dorky friends.

  31. I actually shed a tear this is the thing I fell in love with I’m so happy it’s back because it’s enough to warm my heart for a long while

  32. Holy shit an update.
    And the ‘next’ ‘previous’ buttons are fixed!
    This is a good day.

    *Reads missed updates*

    …Today was a good day. ,^~^,
    I just hope this is some kinda massive breakdown of Kiwis…..

  33. Dear lord am I so happy to see this all back.

    This whole sequence has me half between “Oh no!” and “Oh YES!”

  34. a suuuper long time ago i used to read this comic, since then ive watched and read different things and am starting to actually earn a bit of money with my art. i thought id read through this comic again after finding a really old fanart i did back in my first year of high school. thiis comic was really the starting point of my passion for drawing. so i wanna thank you (if you ever see this) for inspiring me way back when.

  35. i used to ship these two sooo hard when i first read this comic, and when i finally come back to read it after years i see this. just.
    amazing. beautiful.
    i want this framed and hung above my bed.

  36. Apple and kiwi has A LOT of content planned for the future. It will not be ending for a very long time. Also, hopefully more frequent updates. There’s a lot to get through.

  37. Kinda want to just sleep for the next several years so that I can come back and binge read this comic like when I first found it a couple years ago. I love it so much, but the updates are so rare… good things take time though, so I’ll wait patiently.

    All the best for 2017 Gino!

  38. These pages are fucking awesome, but this is probably the worst chapter to be getting slow updates on. EVERYONE IS DYING. EVERYTHING IS BEING EATEN ゞ◎Д◎ヾ

  39. So many updates this is fucking Christmas baby. Good work man the art is always amazing

  40. Hot damn man this shit always will be golden. I’m also looking the new changes to the style

  41. does it taste like blueberry

    or maybe a blue otter pop?

    wait no blue otter pops taste just like any other otter pop

  42. Sure, why not? Let’s ignore the apocalypse for a bit and hang with our (ex?) girlfriend.

  43. That’s not Berry. That’s some blue haired girl that showed up in a couple of comics a while back.

  44. Hey whoever’s maintaining the site right now, I’m not certain, but I think the title of this page is wrong? Should it be “Good looks?” Did you accidentally hit the neighbor key of “s” instead of “d”?

  45. it is surreal to see this site is still sort of alive after all this time…the twitter still going? (i think i forgot which twitter is yours….)

  46. did you think the death timer wasnt still a thing? youd be horribly mistaken to think the death timer wasnt still a thing.

  47. that’s a long chest hair HAHA JK This is a cool page.

    Can’t pass up that opportunity to use a good one-liner! There’s still time to go back!!

  48. Not sure that’s Melon. They’re missing an arm and appear to kinda… Summon a magic punch arm. Seems like Apple’s deal.

  49. Hey, just to let you know that your navigation links don’t work in Waterfox (classic-look Firefox).