23 responses to “The last time I’ll ever see you”

  1. Holy awesome, this is crap!


    No really, the new website looks great. Real classy.

  2. I…I….I….after all this time. I lost hope I lost the will to ever come back to this page. I….im sorry im sorry I lost hope and tried to forget your comic. this little spark is what I needed to ignite the fire I once saw in this comic thank you kiwi

  3. um, its been like, what, four or five months now since this page was put up, I kinda want to know if you guys are actually still doing this stuff, if not Imma just unbookmark this comic

  4. In the time since the last update I have had time to turn 21 and order my first beer. It was Hefenweizen. Not to strong, a hint of citrus flavor…

    Good to know we may one day find out what

    SPECULATION: Kiwi is pretty sure he’ll survive this crazy “apocalypse” bullshit because he saw himself appear from the future via some kind of time portal. He wants Apple to stay out of harm’s way just in case.

  5. *find out what happens next in the comic.

    …i accidentally half of a sentence there.

  6. Happy Birthday! Glad to see other people still holding on to this amazing comic. I check at least once a week(habit) though I usually just look at the site for updates and not this page.

    THEORY: Kiwi doesn’t really know what’s going to happen and when he gets to Berry’s house, stuff really starts going down, timer hits 1 (what’s it at now? 5?) but then some random/miscellaneous character like Tall guy or Iris or the colorful guys from the train station/princess tower or Kiwi’s Dad or something shows up. Kiwi finds the strength to fight again, everyone from everywhere show up and somehow stop the apocalypse. Apple and Kiwi level up to 2!

    Can’t wait to find out what actually happens 😀

  7. Happy Birthday Gino! (Sorry of this is late/early but it’s the 3/2 here, sooo timezones yay!) Anyway I hope you have an awesome day and an awesome year to come. Happy birthday, you’re amazing, don’t get too brunk, all my love xx.
    Love, your stalker from across the ocean (or under your floor :P)

  8. Thanks a billion and you were right on time. You’s guys are the best and don’t worry I’m not dead. Came close but not quite. Y’all are the best and thank you for the continued support. I whole heartedly love you all and want you to know your loyalty has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Stay awesome!!!

  9. RANDOM VISIT! Hello to everyone! I hope we are enjoying our lives! If not I will find and punch whom or what ever is hurting you. Huggles for all, have a brownie. Love ya xoxo

  10. *Also added note* When I got ^^Gino’s message a few months ago it made me so unbelievably happy and then absolutely terrified when I couldn’t access the pages after, STOP GIVING ME FAKE HEART ATTACKS. Thanks so much! <3 <3 Now I really will stalk you forever. Watch out 😉

  11. So how long has it been since the last update? A year right? That’s a long time my friends. How has everyone been since then? I can honestly say my life has changed a lot since the last update, and this comic also helped me find my girlfriend! We’ve now been together for a year and four months. Time sure flies. I hope you all have a great day, you deserve it!

  12. Looking for work right now, hopefully it will work out soon! It sure has been a while since I looked at this website.

  13. Sending you good vibes Connorses! Hoping you land a job soon. Also, holy wow, a relationship started from this? Jeeze, the power of comics huh? Hope you two get married!!! Also hope you do better than kiwi & berry. I’m working on another project right now but also, I’m thinkin when I get my internet set up on my actual computer (on a phone now) I’m feelin like I have that itch to make more apples and kiwi comics. At least finish this arc. Also, I still really do love you guys and thanks for sticking around. I have the best fans.

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