Indiepocalypse 51

Indiepocalypse #51

Cover – Haven aka Caramellcast
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

Deepwell (WIN) by Linsonlime

A story-driven adventure game about a small, isolated town surrounding a giant mystery hole.

Yurivania 3: Circle of the Polycule (Game Boy Color) by Mx. Ashlynn


Never's polycule has been chatting via magic mirror for months, but most of them haven't met in person. An upcoming eclipse is the perfect opportunity to summon them all to the Midnight Palace and go on a group date〜〜 Balance schedules, research mystic glyphs, and invoke dread powers to bring everyone together!

Paraido (WIN/MAC/Linux) by HexTecGames

Paraido is a puzzle game that uses shapes which are made up of hexagons. You complete the levels by either filling up the board like a jigsaw-puzzle or by building a maze between two points.

Whispers (WIN/Browser) by Elisabeth Rose Astwood, Olivier Bouchard

Whispers is a short interactive story about networking in the video games industry and the experiences of marginalized developers at work. Set in a retro horror game made in 2124, this is an early prototype featuring two characters and several endings.

HalOPE (WIN) by starbage

HalOPE - an atmospheric adventure game about breaking cycles & becoming whole. Play as The Angel, collect & trade items, meet colorful characters, and discover the meaning behind your empty existence.

i miss the sea of japan (HTML) by Nice Gear Games

take what you can, and go.

turn them over in your hands. spin up a yarn. breathe them in.

the things you can't take, thank them.

then let them go.

Chaos Dancing/While True, It Is Not Sufficient (HTML) by dreamswithopeneyes

Two companion zinegamethings about escapism: “Chaos Dancing” (aka me rambling on about Art, with Tolkien references, bad photos, and MS Paint drawings) and “While True, It Is Insufficient” (in which an immaterial wanderer shut out of the human world wonders whether they’re missing much).

Pareidolia: Evil Eye (Phyiscal) by Jules Ampere

Pareidolia is a physical game where you will observe, identify and destroy Evil Eye curses as you walk. Join the BIRCOP agency and get rid of the secret monsters that dwell everywhere!

Night In the Unpleasant House (WIN/MAC) by Unmapped Path

It's been ten years since your father vanished while investigating strange happenings surrounding his boss—The Mayor.

Now you follow in your father's footsteps. Can you find out what happened to him and uncover the Mayor's dark secrets?


The purple hike (WIN) by Paulette

The purple hike is a Bitsy color 3D game, contemplative and dreamlike, without dialogue, that tells a personal story.