Indiepocalypse 47

Indiepocalypse #47

Cover – Bitsbyt3s
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

🚪 (WIN/Android/Browser) by LinearHaru

improvised experimental narrative
inspired by a bio from discord
that turned into a poem

Chico and the Magic Orchards DX (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Daikon Games, LLC

When Chico the chipmunk stumbles into a portal in the forest, he’s transported to a magical world! Here he finds giant walnuts galore, but getting them home won’t be easy! Solve puzzles and challenges across a variety of unique levels, gather a horde of giant walnuts, and help Chico get back to his forest!

With unique dual-mode gameplay, you’ll have to really use your nut to crack these worlds. When Chico is alone he can jump over obstacles and push wall switches. If he has a walnut, he can roll it over spikes, bounce it off of walls and bumpers, and more. Find a way to get the walnut through to the end of the level with you! Each world introduces unique new mechanics that will test your brain and your skills.

Lamprey (WIN/MAC) by Cross Couloir

Fang couldn't be happier about her new job at the prestigious tech startup Riverstone, Inc. When she starts on her new team, building a revolutionary workplace assistant AI called Lamprey, she jumps into her work head-first.

However, it's not long before things start going wrong, with a software bug causing Lamprey to trap the team in their office. Will Fang and her co-workers be able to escape a prison of their own making?

Blade of the Overlord (WIN) by Nicolás Jaramillo Ortiz

Three friends attempt to pull a very rare and expensive trading card from their favorite game, and ponder what to do if they were to get it: sell the card, or keep it?

A Heart of Butterblue (WIN/MAC) by Heiden

Forage, Fish and Farm. A Heart of Butterblue is a free VN/farm sim lovingly crafted by a single dev about growing into your own.

"bones of the earth" and "Home Is Where The Haunt Is" (WIN/MAC/Linux) by raven7

two short pixel games about what's gone and what once was, and what lingers on.

bones of the earth: a narrative choice game about whales, choice, and what lurks within. (p.s. the pakicetus exhibit might have a secret!).

home is where the haunt is: a cosy game where you are a ghost! haunt the unwanted occupants of your home! float around spectrally! play ectoplasm fetch with a dog!

So this is Innovation? (WIN/MAC/Linux) by George Larkwright

An interactive satire about the second-rate tech ‘entrepreneurs’ who peddle generative AI projects across social media.

Answer a set of questions to select your tech bro and generate an innovative AI project in a sector of your choice. What genius ideas will you discover?

Book Knights (Physical) by Kalyen

Make two knights fight using the power of words in this bookmark-sized game. Each letter can decide of the outcome. All you need is a book!

Bear in the Snow (WIN/MAC) by The Spookfish

ten level game and album by experimental musician "the spookfish". meant to be played through in one sitting. inspired by experiences in the woods and dreams. lots of platforming and ghost dodging but there is no way to die. i buried many secrets in here


Touhou Lonely Lovely Bonfire (WIN) by Lily Valeen

A danmaku-style shooting game about an ordinary magician. Upon seeing blazing lights coming from the bamboo forest, a lonely girl rushes off to investigate.

A uniquely circular bullet hell. Take aim to eliminate enemies from all sides while dodging their danmaku, and defeat the boss's spellcards. There is always more room for you at the bonfire.