Indiepocalypse 43

Indiepocalypse #43

Cover – birdloaf
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

///CODA (WIN) by Fin Deevy

///CODA is an avant-garde exploration game with four diverse RPG-like chapters that each tell unique stories connected by a dynamic museum-esque overworld with a unique 1-bit graphical style...

Witch Tea? | Bucket List of a Ghost (WIN) by Almanak Games - Mandy Li, Alex Mathieson, and Lord Luke

"Witch Tea?" is a cozy, choice-based, crafting visual novel. Brew magic tea to solve the problems of your quirky alien customers.

"Bucket List of a Ghost" is a humorous yet heartfelt RPG about taking life (and the afterlife!) by the horns. Help your best ghost friend complete his bucket list so that he can find peace and "cross over" at last. Shenanigans, adventure, and unexpected revelations ensue ...

Calm, see me (WIN/MAC/Linux) by fintopiccante

“Calm, see me” is a playable prose poem, a personal reflection on loss, both hypothetical and real. It is also a little gift intended to be played by our family and our loved ones.

...Explore an imaginary slow-paced old video game while discovering the inexplicable connection between a console and a curious device that contains some thoughts...

A Time Traveller's Guide To past Delicacies (WIN) by Gabriel Helfenstein, Fantasia Malware

A short cooking game about a time-traveling sock puppet raiding the past to steal recipes.

Perdition Sphere (WIN) by Aru (Developer), Cybershroom (Soundtrack)

A ritual gone awry. Four souls are stranded in a plane outside their own, populated by specters and powers that be. Tainted by otherworldly energies, their emotions and deepest desires pit old friends against one another...

Shall ambition prevail, or will the last drops of empathy shine through and onto the path of escape?

Terreur (WIN) by Sofian K

The factory's closed down for today, find a way to get to work or enjoy the day off and talk to your neighbors for once.

Perpetual Foreigner; Letter to my grandmother; What if I'm the train (WIN) by Zhanko | Dylhan

Dive into three personal bitsy adventures

From my trip back to my motherland to the words I wish I could've said to my grandmother to the thoughts I had in the train during France's current crisis in the order of their creation.

lungs to burn (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Stara David

Poem game about wildfires, grief, and and queer connection, born from the ashes of smoky skies and 3+ years of immunocompromised isolation.

Dykes on Hykes (WIN) by Alex Petrova, Markéta Soukupová, Rony Petrova

Do you know how to properly pack for a hike? Find out in this riveting dating/back-packing simulator, where you try to impress your prospective girlfriend on your first date together.!


My Myconoid (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Rose

Make your own mushroom creature