Indiepocalypse 42

Indiepocalypse #42

Cover – Caterina Gerbasi (
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

The Trials of Goodbye (Browser/GB) by baegho 🙂

You are the reaper of Death. This is the final person on Earth. You must decide if they go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory based on your own actions. You may choose to befriend this person or not. The choice is yours.

Warcrime Chess (WIN) by @lynchpoet

A two player chess variant with hidden information, bluffing, guilt, and Robert S. McNamara

A Late Night Convo (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Kristi Jimenez

Unable to sleep, Seo-jun talks to his partner Iris about their relationship and how much he appreciates her. A Late Night Convo is a short and sweet story about asexuality and finding true love.

Mycorrhizal (Browser) by Abeyant

Become one with the forest’s network. A short text-based exploration game about the passage of time, memories, and the nature of decay. Made in less than 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2023.

Dream Mechanic (WIN) by Augustinas Raginskis

You are the Dream Mechanic and your job is fixing broken dreams. You have been called to a tiny secluded town in the mountains where people's dreams have gone so far out of control that they started affecting real life. Each dream is a puzzle and that's where you can show of your skills and help some people. 

21 strangers to interact with.

21 dreams to solve, each of which makes no sense in it’s own way.

And a town to explore. Just try not to break anything important.

The Vaults of Minos (WIN/Linux) by ThunderPerfectWitchcraft

Enter the trapped Vaults of Minos and stop your former teacher, the mad professor Nimroder, from waking the cursed King Minos.

The Vaults of Minos is a fluid arcade Jump 'n Run with  procedural generation - every attempt to prevent the unholy coalition between your opponent and the ancient tyrant will contain new traps, bosses, and challenges. 

My Pandemic Table (WIN/MAC) by Ondřej Trhoň

Fall 2020, me and my cluttered desk. Hand-drawn memories about objects too familiar, dusty digital files and home office hangover. Includes fatigued desktop simulator with original OST by friends.

Slasher U! Act 1 of 3 (WIN/MAC(with PortingKit)/Linux(Wine)) by Andi Santagata

SLASHER U is an 18+ reactive RPG dating sim all about America's Horniest Horror Movie University! Major in things like Masked Murder and Final Girlism (gender neutral), hook up with your classmates (who each have unique makeout & hookup minigames), and, if you're lucky, experience some form of emotional catharsis from this love letter to horror movies, goth stuff, sex, and the everlasting power of intimacy, love, and friendship!

Includes RPG-based mechanics and systems, interlocking storylines, the full gamut of Kinsey scale romances, a toggle-able 18+ mode, and super sick hand drawn art! (Game is in Act 1 of 3, Alpha version).

Young Street (WIN) by Werecus

Before bipedal apes invented radio receivers, before we exchanged our gills for lungs, there was radio. Man-made transmissions mutate and extend the electrosphere. Remember the alien face of nature!


Give Me Up (WIN/Linux) by Blueberry Soft

Frustration, compromise, cloth.