Indiepocalypse 40

Indiepocalypse #40

Cover – Céu Isatto 
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher
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Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

WE CAN SMELL IT (MAYBE))? (WIN) by Mae Barley

What if in the world was dead, and the only thing you could do is watch family guy funny moments?

Compendium (WIN) by Konstantin Fedorov

Compendium is a game with a whole new world to explore - check out unique floating islands, draw the surroundings, talk with locals and complete a book about mysterious world.

MaPS S1E1 (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Wandering Artist

Twin Peaks but it's an old PC Engine investigative VN with cute animals

a most important night (WIN/MAC) by tober

an experimental conversation simulator - can you survive the night and leave some good impressions on important strangers?

Dice duel (WIN) by Naej Doree, Amélie Le Chevanton

Will you defy the patriarchy with your trusty rapier and a bit of math? Win 3 duels to finish this short game mixing math, randomness and narration!

Adrift: Going Nowhere (WIN/MAC/Linux) by ShallowLagoon

Do you love the vast splendour of the ocean? Watch a depressed bird monologue on a boat whilst fishing in Adrift: Going Nowhere!

Wish Corp (WIN/MAC/Linux) by ShallowLagoon

Enjoying your time away from office life? Not anymore! Live the corporate nightmare in Wish Corp! Watch as your dreams crumble and your boss jets around the world living the life of your dreams.

 The Madness of [Redacted] (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Maricu, Koncookie, Cygni

A curious journalist by day, author by night, investigates the inexplicable case of a vanished scientist. Uncovering the truth about his very own family history, he has to face the awakening of an ancient being.

acai cOrner (WIN) by moca

"acai cOrner" is a short YUME NIKKI-inspired rogue-like game. Explore a surreal monster-infested sewer system hosting gateways to other dream-like worlds in a race against time...

Shopkeeper Showdown (Physical) by Beth Jackson and Angelique Drummond

Adventure-Mart is the kingdom’s preeminent market, specializing in everything an adventurer could need for their wildest adventures. But the current assistant to the manager has heard the call of adventure and put their two-week notice in! To find a replacement, your boss has started a competition to determine who will become the new assistant to the manager. Whoever can fill fifty bags with gold will get the title, a 2% raise, and encouragement to hang out with me (the manager), unpaid of course. Lucky you! 

Players take on the roles of competing store employees, racing to earn 50 bags of gold first. Each day, you’ll secretly decide whether you want to work in the shop or grab loot that was left behind in the dungeon. But beware: if multiple players choose the same location, you’ll be battling over the customers or loot there.



Coming Through the Rye (WIN/MAC/Linux/iOS*/Android*) by Alex Ocias

Touch, thrash, travail simulator.

*For the best and intended experience, play this game on mobile!