Indiepocalypse 39

Indiepocalypse #39

Cover – Filipa Namorado 
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

Reincarnated As An Adorable Walking Rock In A Peaceful Gardening Sim Game (WIN/MAC) by mellowminx

A cozy top-down 2D pixel art gardening sim sandbox with satisfying sounds.

Choose to be Pebble-chan, Rock-kun, or Stone-sensei. Walk around growing plants and enjoying nature sounds.

Sylvan Disappearance (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Rastagong

Mirabelle and Célia used to entertain their friends by running story nights for them, in the woods near their village. Not anymore, though.

Sylvan Disappearance is a mystery visual novel told through an epistolary format. It features folk horror, light yuri romance a dreamlike atmosphere. it was inspired by Emily Carroll’s horror comics, the Dream Pop music genre, tabletop role-playing, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Daphne du Maurier’s Monte Verità and the seaside city from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Sister Spring, Brother Winter (Browser) by Ash Green

Every year, as the world thaws, Brother Winter will step aside and relinquish his icy hold on the land. But to do that, the spirit of the wood must collect 9 fallen pieces of the sun to welcome back Sister Spring.

A frosty 3D interactive folktale about the changing of the seasons, created in 3D Bitsy.

Find My Mind (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Gaming Variety Potato

A therapist is approached by a writer with an unorthodox request. Hidden Object VN/IF with a dose of mind reading.

Originally created for the "Only One of Any Asset" (O2A2) Visual Novel Jam with 1000 word limit.

stay with me (WIN/MAC) by bakedbread

This is a mental-health focused typing game aimed at creating a soothing environment for you to feel a little less alone in. There are 20 unique phrases for you to discover by typing them out in the box provided. The first letter of the typed phrase will unlock the rest of the phrase for you to finish. Can you figure them all out?

The Lion Eats Tonight (WIN) by Mezzanine Software

Mezzanine Software brings you a game that simulates the true reality of nature deep within the heart of Africa, where lions hunt wildebeest for merely 20 seconds at a time.

EYES (WIN/MAC/Linux) by yumaikas; GDeavid; Winfield B. Carson, V

Make your way out of the EYES lab, where things seem to have gone horribly wrong!

(A classic Metroidvania, with modern controls)

 Luxury $imulator (WIN/Linux/Browser) by Rebecca Merrill

Luxury $imulator is a first person game-essay set in the last bastion of human civilisation, a labyrinthine bunker-palace after time. The viewer as opposed to the traditional narratives of video games, is not a hero - but an individual passing through, another guest in the final elite home of human civilisation. The memory of the fortress's building echoes throughout it's chambers, a lone voice from an era now lost.


a 2023 Bitsy simulation of the 2001 Gamecube simulation of the irl Universal Studios Theme Parks experience. they were all sold out of Luigi's Mansion and Super Monkey Ball, so this'll have to do.


Hlina (WIN/MAC) by Sukinapan

A dream in a world of plasticine.