Indiepocalypse 38

Indiepocalypse #38

Cover – Sloane “plaest2k” Hong 
Launcher Courtesy of  MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse is an alternative game anthology featuring 10 games and a zine all in a single launcher!

  • Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $10.00.

Ballistic Zen (WIN) by Alex Hetherington

Ballistic Zen is a first person open world platformer with a unique movement system based on old-school air-strafing, updated for the modern age. Simple to pick up but difficult to master, Ballistic Zen celebrates the joy and meditation of movement in games.

Find collectables and follow lines to earn the respect of your peers, who will unlock new locations and share their backstories.

WASTE EATER (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Cain Maddox

A narrative-based game about a dying mutant in a solarpunk world.

Cultivating Happiness (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Luna Raydue

Cultivating Happiness is a short visual novel where an odd commercial comes on your TV, and it really speaks to you. Like, directly.

Carve Your Name Among the Stars (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Naomi Nesbit-Weiner

Wander across the galaxy, exploring strange and wonderful planets. Follow in the footsteps of an ancient wanderer. But watch your fuel dial, lest your journey come to an unexpected end…

Trapers Platformer (WIN/Linux) by TheosK

Our hero, Tortuga, wakes up falling from a cliff! Not the best way to start the day, but things are about to get much, much worse! The peaceful island of Montaña Clara and the inhabitants of Lost Town are in danger, and somehow you are the only one able to do something about it.

In this platforming game with hand drawn graphics, you will explore a varied set of environments, jump over stuff, push stuff, fight foes and try to avoid getting pierced by spiky stuff!

Love Always Runs Away (Gameboy/Browser) by GameSetBoy, keyofw, Paneladaddy

A a game about preserved memories. Love, loss, and hope are all pressed like flowers between the pages of a girl's diary.

Dark Static (WIN/WEB) by Henry Mead

A dark, atmospheric horror about answering voicemails.

Why does the sea cry so much? (WIN/Linux/Browser) by Wizard of Ox

Why does the sea cry so much is a kinetic novel about a girl named Rosa, who finds a mysterious woman crying in the sea. After approaching her to see if she’s alright, she discovers she is a spirit that comes back to the beach from time to time. The spirit offers to tell her an old tale, the tale of Why does the sea cry so much?

This story was actually inspired by an old Brazilian fairy tale called "Porque o mar tanto chora" that translates to "Why does the sea cry so much?".  This is story is my own twist on this old tale.

Menage a Trois (WIN/MAC/Linux/Android) by Arbit

Sol Fitzroy is starting college. She has zero enthusiasm and even less hopes and dreams. But with soccer sweetheart Chet Chester and football star Bill Lowman, maybe she'll have a good time in the end? 

A kinetic visual novel about college, balls, and finding yourself.


flif (WIN/MAC) by girl software

baby angels save the world from drought! bonky glidey flappy physics platforming! explore clouds and sky ruins and collect raindrops!